Knife Play

Knife Play

Knife play is a BDSM activity that involves blades (knives, swords, or daggers, for example) as a way to produce fear and excitement in a submissive partner. The blade is usually used to cut away clothes, may involve sensation play (scratching the skin) or temperature play (making the blade hot or cold).

More About Knife Play

Knife play can provoke a pleasurable sensation of fear in submissives. As with all BDSM play, as long as knife play is safe, sane, and consensual, it can be a great way to explore to safely explore fantasies of being dominated.

However, knife play can be dangerous if not handled carefully. A sharp blade can cause deep cuts, leading to major blood loss. As a result, this activity should be done only with the utmost attention, care and knowledge of the submissive. One way to simulate blood (especially for a blindfolded submissive) is to hold the blade under warm water and then run it, dull side down, on the skin. The water will feel like blood.


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