Jump Hump

Jump Hump

Reviewed by Jen Mallia
on October 14, 2021

Jump hump is a type of sexual help where one person jumps on a bed where a couple is soaking (penis in vagina penetration with no movement.) The jump hump moves the bed for the couple, creating pleasurable friction like the friction couples having sex usually enjoy. Repeated jump humps, or jump humping, may make the couple feel good, but they usually stop before orgasm.

Jump humping is believed to have originated in the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS or Mormon) teen community as a way to enjoy sexual pleasure without technically breaking the religion’s rules forbidding sex outside marriage. While couples who soak enjoy sexual pleasure through jump humping, they believe they are not technically breaking the rules as they are not moving their own bodies. By this logic, they have not committed a sin in the eyes of God. The term jump hump has been listed on Urban Dictionary since 2011, but went viral in 2021 as teens discussed and filmed the trend on the social media video platform, TikTok. The term hump jump is a common variation of jump hump.

While jump humpers may be of any gender, anecdotal evidence suggests they are usually teen boys. Jump humpers are also usually close friends of one or both of the people soaking. To jump hump, the friend waits for the couple to start soaking on a bed. The friend then starts jumping on the bed near them. Jump humpers usually jump on their feet. However, they may also bounce on all fours to create a similar friction for the couple.

Usually, someone jump humps for a couple who are engaging in vaginal penetration with a penis. However, sometimes people jump hump with a couple who stay close but do not penetrate one another. In this variation, one or both members of the couple keep their underwear on. As the person jump humps for them, the couple’s genitals move close together, creating a friction similar to dry humping. This variation is a more chaste variation of soaking.


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