Interrogation Scene

Interrogation Scene

An interrogation scene, in the context of BDSM role play, occurs when a dominant partner takes on the role of the torturer, while the submissive participant plays the victim. The torturer may use physical pain, threats, humiliation and other techniques to extract information from their victim, just like in a real-life torture scenario.

An interrogation scene ends once the victim has broken down and shared the information they possess. The length of the scene and the intensity of the torture leading up to this moment depends on the players.

More About Interrogation Scene

For an interrogation scene to occur, the submissive partner must know a piece of information that the dominant partner does not. Many submissives will draw a card from a deck and attempt to withhold the type of card from the torturer during the interrogation scene. Choosing such a simple secret helps avoid any messiness that could occur if the victim was forced to reveal more sensitive or personal information.

The scene will then begin, perhaps with the dominant partner capturing and restraining the submissive. At this point, the torturer might strip their victim naked, and tie the victim to a bed or chair.

The temperament of the players will dictate how closely the interrogation scene resembles a real-life torture session. There are many common techniques used to torture the victim in an interrogation scene. These include tickle torture, where sensitive areas of the victim’s body are tickled without respite, and orgasm control, where the victim is stimulated until they are on the brink of orgasm. It might also include spanking, paddling, rape play, name calling, and more. As the victim refuses to spill the secret, the torturer will gradually increase the intensity of the torture. This typically continues until the secret is revealed.

As an interrogation scene can be physically and psychologically challenging, it’s smart to establish a safe word before play begins. Once this word is uttered, the scene should end immediately. You should also keep a pair of bandage scissors close by to quickly release the victim from their bondage should they become overwhelmed. It’s vital that the torturer considers the victim’s emotional state during play, as interrogation scenes can trigger strong reactions in some people.

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