Hormonal Method

Hormonal Method

The hormonal method is a form of birth control that affects the endocrine system to prevent fertilization and pregnancy. Hormones can either be ingested orally or inserted into the woman’s body through injections. The combined oral contraceptive pill is often considered as the original hormonal method and was first marketed as a form of contraceptive in the 1960s.

The hormonal method is only used by woman.

More About Hormonal Method

There are two primary types of hormonal methods: progestogen-only or combined hormonal pills. Combined hormonal pills are often surrounded by controversy since serious side effects have been linked to this form of contraception including clinical depression, strokes, heart attacks, or even death. Progestogen-only pills are known for less serious side effects like weight gain and bleeding between menstrual cycles.

Other than contraception, the hormonal method is also used to treat various conditions related to fertility. For example, OB-GYNs often prescribe hormonal pills to women suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), a condition where women present an excessive level of androgen in their system. Hormones can also treat other conditions like dysmenorrhea, hirsutism, and menorrhagia. According to Contraceptive Technology, the hormonal method has a very low failure rate of 0.3% per year.

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