Honeymoon Phase

Honeymoon Phase

In relationships, the honeymoon phase
refers to the period where everything’s good and coming up roses.
It is when partners still view each other with rose-colored glasses.
One’s partner can do no wrong. Each perceived flaw is human and
tolerable. Each quirk is cute. The honeymoon phase is the time when
each partner still can’t get enough of each other. There is generally lots of
sex, dating, and conversations within the relationship.

More About Honeymoon Phase

The honeymoon phase, as its name
suggests, is just a phase. On average, it lasts a quarter to half a
year. One’s lucky if it lasts for a year. It is important to be aware
of this. Being conscious about one’s honeymoon phase makes
transitioning to the realities of a relationship easier. One has to
realize that it’s not all chocolates and roses. The human flaw or
quirk that one noticed during the phase may become bothersome after the
honeymoon. Learn to grow together and accept each other’s humanity.

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