Head Rest Position

Head Rest Position

The head rest sex position is an oral sex position most commonly used to facilitate fellatio. In this position, the receiving partner should lie on their side with their top leg lifted up and moved slightly back so his ankle is slightly behind their bottom leg. The partner performing the oral sex can then lie facing the receiving partner, resting their head on the receiving partner’s bottom leg.

Kinkly Satisfyer position Partners pictured using the Satisfyer Curvy 3+.

As this position leaves the receiving partner’s hands free, it is an easy position to include sex toys into. For example, in the position below, the receiving partner is using the Satisfyer Curvy 3+ to stimulate the performing partner’s clitoris. Including sex toys means both partners are receive stimulation instead of just one!

More About Head Rest Position

While in the head rest sex position, the performing partner is often much more comfortable and at a good angle to give oral sex compared to other positions, like the 69, which some find can cause neck soreness. The receiving partner’s leg acts as a head rest of their partner, thus how the position got its name.

Besides incorporating sex toys into the position, the receiving partner can also manually stimulate their nipples or genitals. In addition, the head rest position makes it easy to maneuver into a side-by-side 69 position so both partners can orally stimulate each other, or partners can simply switch positions and take turns pleasuring one another.


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