Gray Rape

Gray Rape

Gray rape refers to rape that falls on
a gray area, where both denial and some consent are present. This
usually happens between acquaintances or during dates. Gray rape has
actually been referred to by Cosmopolitan magazine as the “new kind
of date rape” in 2007. In a gray rape, a victim may have consented
to certain sexual acts, but not to full-on sex. Alcohol is sometimes
present. Sexual assault is always involved.

More About Gray Rape

Critics have expressed concerns with
the term “gray rape.” According to them, it uses miscommunication
as an excuse for sexual violence. It even implies that assault may
have been accidental, a by-product of mixed signals and wrong
interpretations. To avoid this, getting a partner’s consent is
crucial, even after a make-out session and especially when they are
under the influence of alcohol. Remember that no means no.


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