A frenum is a mucous membrane skin fold which supports or restricts the movement of a body part. The plural word for frenum is frena. The piece of flesh that connects the penis’ foreskin and shaft and the one which runs underneath the tongue are examples of frena.

More About Frenum

There are many frena on the body, including some in the mouth, in the digestive tract, and connected to male and female genitalia. The frenum located underneath the glans penis which connects the foreskin to the vernal mucosa is one of the most famous frena. This frenum goes by the scientific name of frenulum of prepuce of penis. Several frena are also part of the female genitals, including a frenum on the clitoris and another where the labia minora, or inner lips, meet.

A frenum piercing is a popular choice amongst men seeking genital piercing because it heals quickly and is not a particularly painful procedure. This type of piercing typically sits just beneath the penis’ head. Alternatively, a man may choose a lorum piercing which sits at the frenum at the shaft’s base, near the scrotum. A frenum ladder, or a row of frenum piercings from the penis’ base to the head, is another option.

These piercings can enhance sexual pleasure for the wearer and his partner, but there is a risk that some jewelry can become dislodged and lost during sex. Proper care must also be taken to ensure the piercing does not become infected.

The term frenum and frenulum are often used interchangeably. However, a frenulum is a small frenum. A frenulum is also a frenum, but not all frenums are frenulums. For example, the large membranous skin fold which runs between the lips and gums is too large to be considered a frenulum.


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