Extended Cowgirl Position

Extended Cowgirl Position

The extended cowgirl position is a simple, more comfortable version of the cowgirl sex position. While cowgirl requires that the partner on top to kneel, extended cowgirl allows them to sit and lean backward for support. This can be a good option for people who have trouble kneeling. People may also enjoy the different angle of entry this position allows. You can make it even hotter with toys for each of you from Lora DiCarlo.

Extended Cowgirl Sex Position. The penetrating partner lays flat. The receiving partner sits on top of the penis and lays backwards while extending their legs towards the penetrating partner's armpits for a more comfortable position.

More About Extended Cowgirl Position

The extended cowgirl position is a great variation of the cowgirl position for those who want to try something new, or who have trouble kneeling. To get into this position, the partner on top must be careful to lower herself slowly onto her partner. Moving too quickly or forcefully into this position could cause injury to the penis.

The partner on top maintains most of the control here. They can move up and down or in circles as they like and can use their arms to vary the angle.

Here we show how to heat it up with toys! The giver is wearing the Lora DiCarlo Tilt for some warmed up prostate stimulation and the rider is getting ready to pleasure themself with the Lora DiCarlo Drift.

This sex position may also be called the Extended Cowboy Position if the partner on top identifies as male.

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