Erotic Restraint

Erotic Restraint

Erotic restraint refers to bondage gear
that functions as restraints such as cuffs, ropes, and chains. These
restraints can be made from rope, leather, and metal, among other
materials. They can be used to restrain the hands, arms, legs, and
feet of the submissive. The feel and erotic intensity from restraints
differ depending on use, tightness, and other BDSM gear used.

More About Erotic Restraint

Erotic restraints can be exciting
additions to one’s arsenal of sex toys. They can intensify
dominant-submissive role playing as the submissive becomes more
vulnerable. A huge responsibility is on the dominant party to not
abuse the submissive’s seeming helplessness. Erotic restraints are
meant to be erotic and exciting. So, keep it that way! Agree on a
safe word in case things get too intense.

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