Erotic Power

Erotic Power

Erotic power is power from the erotic.
It is something associated mainly with women and the spiritual plane. It is
power that should be harnessed. After all, even today, women are
still subject to abuse, vilification, and devaluation. By harnessing
one’s erotic power, one can fight personal and societal oppression
that’s rooted to male-centric notions of power.

More About Erotic Power

The concept of erotic power was
elaborated on by Audre Lorde, a feminist writer, in her essay, The
Uses of the Erotic. The essay enjoyed wide readership. People who are
for equality across all genders, not just feminists, generally
agree on the idea of harnessing erotic power. After all, there is
strength in the feminine, even as society continues to underestimate

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