Endytophilia is a fetish for clothed sexual activity. People with endytophilia, known as endytophiles, may prefer to have sex with clothed or partially-clothed people. Endytophiles may also like to be clothed themselves while having sex.

There has been little scientific research conducted on the topic of endytophilia or endytophiles.

More About Endytophilia

People with endytophilia may like to engage in sexual activity with clothed people or be clothed themselves during sex. They may also fantasize about these encounters, or have recurring thoughts about them.

Elvis Presley was thought to be an endytophile.

Endytophilia is a common and harmless fetish, but also an unusual one as the majority of humans prefer sex with naked partners. Unlike most of us, who become aroused at the sight of our partners naked, endytophiles feel sexual arousal when looking at intimate partners clothed.

Because it’s such a harmless fetish, treatment is rarely if ever sought for endytophilia.

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