Dragon's Tail

Dragon’s Tail

A dragon’s tail is a kind of whip used in BDSM play consisting of a long, stiff handle and a single lash usually made from leather or suede. The lash is a triangular shape (like a dragon’s tail or tongue) with the wide end partially wrapped in a cylindrical shape protruding from the end of the handle. The thin pointed end of the triangle makes contact with the recipient’s skin upon striking.

A dragon’s tail whip has great accuracy, but is easier to use than a classic, tail whip. Leather whips can also include beautiful details.

A dragon’s tail whip is less commonly known as a dragon’s tongue whip.

More About Dragon’s Tail

Dragon’s tails are heavy impact play tools. Much like single tail whips, if thrown hard enough they can crack. They can also cause painful welts and break skin when used in this manner. Dragon’s tail whips are very versatile, however, ranging in sensation from sensual to extreme depending on how they are used. Thrown lightly and/or with a larger part of the lash contacting the skin they can feel more like a flogger or crop.

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