Digital Sex

Digital Sex

Digital sex refers to penetrative sex using the fingers to penetrate either the vagina or anus. It is practiced by all genders. It can be used as foreplay or as a way to achieve orgasms. In fact, some attest that one’s fingers may be more effective in giving females mind-blowing orgasms. Unlike the penis,which remains stiff when penetrating the partner, fingers can be curved upward to effectively stimulate the g-spot.

More About Digital Sex

Digital sex can be great sex. It is
also considered safer sex since there is less risk in transmitting diseases
through an exchange of bodily fluids. However, it is still important
to implement precautionary measures. Make sure one’s
hands are washed cleaned before digital sex. Next, make sure that one’s
fingers do not have cuts or open wounds. Nails should also be trimmed
and filed. The use of latex gloves and lubricants is recommended for
utmost safety.

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