In the world of BDSM, a daddy is a dominant male who takes on the role of a father-like figure. While daddies are often very domineering and authoritative, they are also usually very protective, much like a real father would be. This type of dominant figure in BDSM is most recognized in daddy and little girl relationships, where the little girls are actually adult women playing a role. During this type of age play, adult women may dress and behave just like little girls.

More About Daddy

Despite what some may believe, acting as a daddy has nothing to do with pedophilia, nor does it have anything to do with incest. It simply mimics the nurturing relationship between a father and child. A relationship with a daddy is more about being able to let go of one’s responsibilities and let a warm, dominant figure take the reins. The daddy is responsible for taking care of his little girl – or little boy – but he is also responsible for punishment when it’s necessary. This type of arrangement can be used every once in a while to spice things up in the bedroom, but some individuals choose to live in these arrangements on a full-time basis.

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