Daddy Dom/Little Girl (DD/lg)

Daddy Dom/little girl (DD/lg) is a type of power exchange within BDSM. A Daddy Dom tends to be a more nurturing, gentle, and less strict of a Dominant than other Dominant types. A little girl is a submissive who often identifies with an age younger than her chronological age and behaves like a child in specific situations or exhibits childlike characteristics without identifying with a specific age.

More About Daddy Dom/Little Girl (DD/lg)

While the term “Daddy Dom/little girl” is often used for a male Dominant and a female submissive, this type of relationship is distinguished by the nurturing and gentle Dominant partner and a submissive partner with childlike characteristics and/or habits regardless of gender. These types of Dominants are known for having looser protocols and being, at times, more permissive with their submissives, much like a parent might be with a child. Submissives behave in a childlike manner during activities like coloring, bathing, and meals. They may also display childlike mannerisms by giggling, whining, talking back, or using baby talk. While DD/lg can include age play within the dynamic, it is not a requirement and many participants choose to keep the sexual aspect of the relationship separate from any childlike behaviors. As with all D/s power exchanges, every DD/lg relationship is unique to the individuals who may or may not exhibit all of these characteristics.

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