Crurophilia is a term for a leg fetish. People with crurophilia, known as crurophiles, become erotically fixated on the legs of people they find attractive.

Crurophiles may have recurring fantasies about legs, spend a lot of time looking at sexy images of legs, and focus on a person’s legs during sexual encounters. Crurophilia is often simply known as a leg fetish.

More About Crurophilia

Crurophiles often enjoy caressing, kissing, and stroking the legs of their intimate partners. They may also enjoy having their partners wrap their legs around them when they’re kissing or embracing. It’s not unusual for crurophiles to prefer people they find attractive to wear shorts or skirts, which show off bare legs, rather than stockings or jeans.

Most people with crurophilia have a type of legs that they prefer. For example, some may like large, curvy legs, while others may prefer athletic, toned legs with prominent muscles. They may also have favorite parts of the legs, such as knees or thighs, which dominate their sexual focus.

Most people accept crurophilia as a part of their sexual identity, so treatment is rare. However, cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, or hypnosis may be necessary for anyone who believes crurophilia is interfering with their life.

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