Clueless Horny Dom Wannabe (CHDW)

Clueless horny dom wannabe (CHDW) is a derisive term for someone who has recently joined the kink community (usually on Fetlife) and is looking for people to have sex with. This is a deliberately derogatory term used to refer to a group of people whose behavior is frowned upon and who are generally not welcomed in the kink community. People who are labeled as clueless horny dom wannabes often display disrespectful behavior, such as expecting women to submit to them just because they call themselves a Dom, or getting upset when they are turned down, often because they don’t expect to be rejected by submissive, who they perceive to be promiscuous.

This type of individual may also be known as a Domly Dom or a Domly McDomerson.

More About Clueless Horny Dom Wannabe (CHDW)

A CHDW is an individual who is often noticeable in kink communities, both online and offline. They typically have no experience in kink and are just looking for sex.

A CHDW may think they know everything about the BDSM community just because they have read “Fifty Shades of Grey” or watched BDSM pornography, but they often fail to develop relationships or build trust within the community. Because a CHDW’s knowledge about BDSM is gleaned from unreliable sources, they often wish to join the kink community because they expect to find submissives like those they have read about or seen in porn. A CHDW may expect submissives to flock to them, and are often surprised when this isn’t the case.

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