Covered Doggy Style (CDS)

Covered Doggy Style is a service provided by some sex workers, in which clients are permitted to engage in “doggy style” sex with them so long as they are “covered” by a condom.

Covered Doggy Style is often shortened to the acronym CDS, especially in the menus of sex workers and in client field reports.

More About Covered Doggy Style (CDS)

Covered Doggy Style is considered a ‘full service’ service, as it involves penetrative sex.

The service is traditionally performed with the sex worker on all fours and the client kneeling behind. Variations can involve the client standing behind the sex worker while she is on the bed, or the sex worker standing and bending over at the waist while the client enters her from behind.

Many clients request covered doggy style because it enables deep penetration. A Women’s Health poll deemed that doggy style is most men’s favorite sexual position. Many men also appreciate the view of their partner that they receive from this position.

As with all covered sex services, Covered Doggy Style is considered a low-risk sexual activity as the condom helps minimize the risk of spreading sexually transmitted infections.

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