Covered Blow Job (CBJ)

A covered blow job is a colloquial term for fellatio using a condom. The condom helps protect against the transmission of sexually transmitted infections and diseases including oral herpes, HIV, genital herpes, and syphilis. For this reason, a covered blow job is much safer for both the giver and recipient of oral sex.

Covered blow job is often shortened to the acronym CBJ.

More About Covered Blow Job (CBJ)

A covered blow job can be enhanced if the person performing oral sex applies the condom as part of foreplay. This can be done with the hands or mouth, but ensure that the teeth are not used. You should avoid piercing the condom and making it ineffective.

Once the condom is in place, a covered blow job is performed just like a blow job without a condom. The person performing the blow job may suck, lick, or touch the genitals with their hand. Remember that any area that is uncovered, such as the testicles, can still transfer sexually transmitted diseases, including syphilis and genital herpes, through skin-to-skin contact. A condom is most effective at preventing the spread of STIs transmitted via bodily fluids, but it will still reduce the risk of contracting an STI passed via skin-to-skin contact.

The condom should be removed carefully after a covered blow job. A new condom should be used for any additional sexual activity.

Many people prefer to perform a covered blow job when their partner is wearing a flavoured, unlubricated condom. Otherwise the taste of a covered blow job can be unpleasant. Ensure that your flavored condom is FDA approved to ensure adequate protection.

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