Cattle Prod

Cattle Prod

A cattle prod is a BDSM device commonly
used in erotic electrostimulation. Electricity runs through the
length of the rod, and is conducted through pointed metallic ends.
Often, this leaves a mark or two on the receiver’s skin. This will
scar and peel off naturally. A cattle prod is a good way to vary
electrostimulation points. Contact points are left to the whim of the
dominant partner. However, it is very, very important that those who use a cattle prod do so safely and keep their partner’s limits in mind.

More About Cattle Prod

As with all erotic electrostimulation
tools, it is important to know how a cattle prod works. After all, it involves playing with electricity. The prod leaves a mark. When used
incorrectly, it may leave worse skin damage. Restraint is best. Agree
on limits and keep within these limits. Electrostimulation using a
cattle prod can be very hot and sexy as long as safety is kept in mind.

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