Boot Worship

Boot Worship

Boot worship is an extreme love of boots observed in BDSM practices. A submissive partner generally displays boot worship while the dominant partner wears the worshiped footwear. Boot worship is closely related to a foot fetish.

More About Boot Worship

Traditionally, kissing and licking someone’s foot is considered an extreme form of humiliation due to the low stature of the feet. Boot worship plays with this idea and takes the humiliation to a sexual place. The submissive partner willingly worships the boots, sniffing them, licking them, kissing them, and cleaning them.

The ritual cleaning of a dominant partner’s boots is known as boot blacking. The submissive partner will polish and spit-shine the boots often using their own undergarments to achieve a glossy finish. While it’s a common part of boot worship, it might also mark the beginning of a BDSM or military role-playing session.

Sometimes boot worshipers even chew the leather boots of their dominant partner, or suck them in a fashion which mimics oral sex. The sub might also lie down so their master or mistress can walk over them wearing the boots.

Boot worship can be considered an expression of utter devotion to a dominant partner, an admission of inferiority by the submissive partner, or both.


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