Body Worship

Body Worship

Body worship is the practice of revering any part of another person’s body, or in some cases their entire body. It is usually performed by couples involved in BDSM relationships, particularly submissives, although it can be a component of vanilla relationships.

Body worship has a range of subsets, including penis worship, vagina worship, muscle worship, and foot worship.

More About Body Worship

When body worship is present in BDSM relationships, the sub will likely act on those impulses only when permitted or instructed to by their dominant partner. In a vanilla relationship, either partner may begin to worship the other’s body without these cues.

A sub will generally show their adoration of their dominant by kissing, licking, sucking, and stroking their preferred body part. In this way, body worshippers express their adoration of their partner’s physical form.

The dominant partner generally receives body worship passively. However, a dom may reinforce the body worship by praising or spanking their sub.

While it is less common, the roles may be reversed if the dom feels like worshipping the body of his or her sub.


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