Blow Job (BJ)

A blow job (BJ) occurs when a sexual partner stimulates a man’s penis by mouth. A blow job can be used as a form of foreplay during sexual intercourse or the man can be stimulated until orgasm and ejaculation occur.

A blow job may also be referred to more formally as fellatio. Other colloquial terms include giving head and sucking off.

More About Blow Job (BJ)

Stimulation of all parts of the penis, including the testicles, can be performed using the mouth, tongue, lips, and throat. Along with the oral stimulation, a partner may use their hand to increase stimulation and enjoyment.

A blow job tends to be a preferred form of sex for teenage girls as it (arguably) preserves their virginity and protects them from pregnancy; however, oral sex does not stop the transmission of several common STDs. Doctors often recommend using condoms during oral sex to prevent the spread of some diseases.

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