Binding Spoon Position

Binding Spoon Position

Reviewed by Andrew Gurza

The binding spoon position a penetrative sex position where both partners lay on their sides with the receiving partner being penetrated from behind. A variant of spooning, the binding spoon position adds different levels of touch and sensation according to where each partner places their arms and legs. We understand that this position may be difficult to fully achieve if either partner has disabilities and or chronic pain.

Binding Spoon Sex PositionCouple is using the Satisyfer Endless Fun.

In the binding spoon, the receiving partner lifts their top leg and holds it up or wraps it back around the penetrating partner’s body. They can then move their own top leg forward between their partner’s open legs. Only do this as you are able! From here, both lovers can reach their arms around the other’s body to provide touch and additional stimulation. Because the binding spoon position offers so much skin-to-skin contact, it is considered very intimate even though the partners cannot easily look each other in the eyes.

Penetration can be achieved with either a penis or strap-on dildo making the binding spoon position useful for people of all sexual identities. Because of the comfort and ease of spoon positions, they are quite successful for both vaginal and anal penetration. If it is easier simply to spoon, that is okay too.

By having the receiving partner wrap their top leg around their partner’s body, both can use their legs and arms to hold each other more closely and potentially thrust together more forcefully. Partners can also use their hands to provide manual stimulation to the receiving partner’s nipples, clitoris, anus, or penis. Depending on how tall each partner is, and how long their arms are, it is also possible that the receiving partner may be able to reach and touch the penetrating partner’s buttocks or even their anus for additional sensations.

Sex toys are an excellent addition to the binding spoon position, particularly for the receiving partner. A vibrator (like the Satisfyer Endless Fun) can be introduced for clitoral and nipple stimulation. If the receiver is being penetrated vaginally, a butt plug can be added for a double penetration experience. A discussion about comfort and disability access needs is highly recommended before attempting this (and every!) position.

The binding spoon position is a sexy and athletic take on the spoon position that can be used for vaginal or anal sex. In this sex position, the partner being penetrated lifts one leg, or even lifts and wraps the top leg behind the penetrating partner. The receiving partner can also wrap their top arm around the penetrating partner to help draw the partners even closer together.

The binding spoon position leaves the front of the receiving partner’s body open for additional kinds of play. In the image below, the penetrating partner is using the Satisfyer Endless Fun to stimulate both the receiving partner’s nipples. The penetrating partner could also use a toy in this position to stimulate the receiving partner’s clitoris or penis.

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