Bondage and discipline (B/D) refers to certain erotic acts that involve restraining and training submissive partners. These practices are often lumped together with dominance and submission (D/S), and sadism and masochism (S/M) to make up the acronym BDSM. Typically, a dominant partner will be the one to restrain and discipline a submissive partner. Restraints can range from simple setups, like a length of rope or handcuffs, to more intricate setups, like bondage cages or ceiling hooks. Discipline often involves correcting a submissive’s behavior with physical and psychological punishments, like spanking or erotic humiliation.

More About Bondage and Discipline (B/D)

“Safe, sane and consensual” is a motto that’s at the forefront of any bondage and discipline enthusiast’s mind. Safety comes first in bondage and discipline scenes, which means that all acts are made as safe as possible. Dominants should not tie up their submissives too tightly, for instance, and partners should agree on safewords to be used to stop play play at any time. Sanity is another important aspect of bondage and discipline. This means that players should basically use their heads and not participate in obviously dangerous activities.

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