Ass Job

Ass Job

Ass job is a term for a sexual technique in which an individual masturbates his or her male partner by placing his penis between their intergluteal cleft, known colloquially as the butt crack or ass crack.

The term takes its name from the colloquial term “hand job” which refers to a similar masturbation technique using the hand instead of the intergluteal cleft.

Ass job is sometimes written as one word, assjob. An ass job is also known as butt cheek sex, a butt job, and a hot dog.

More About Ass Job

An ass job may occur when a person grinds their buttocks against a partner’s penis to bring them to orgasm, or when the male lays his penis between his partner’s buttocks and strokes himself to completion. The person performing the ass job might sit on top of their partner and rub their butt cheeks against their partner’s penis. Alternatively, the man receiving the ass job could straddle his partner, who lies on his or her stomach.

While an ass job is performed near the anus, anal penetration is never a part of an ass job. However, an ass job may be part of foreplay before anal or vaginal sex.

As the ass crack does not produce any natural lubrication, the use of a personal lubricant can enhance the sensations experienced during an ass job.


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