Anal Torture

Anal Torture

Anal torture describes the BDSM practice of inflicting pain upon the anus of a submissive individual or slave. Anal torture may be done with or without a variety of instruments designed to penetrate the anus. It may also involve subjecting the anus to extreme temperatures. Due to the delicate nature of the anus, anal torture is considered to be riskier than many other BDSM activities.

Anal torture is a type of anal play. It is generally considered to be more intense and painful than other types of anal play.

More About Anal Torture

A dominant may penetrate the anus either digitally or with their fist, or have anal sex with their submissive as part of anal torture. Anal torture can also be done using a range of instruments such as needles, dildos, or anal probes. The anus may also be tortured using hot pokers or ice cubes which cause unpleasant sensations due to their extreme temperatures. A burning sensation can also be achieved by inserting a ginger root or chili pepper into the anus. Dominants may also administer an enema to their submissive partner during this process.

The anus is made up of delicate tissue which can tear during anal torture. For this reason, anal torture is considered a risky form of BDSM play. Lubricant can help reduce the risk of tearing. Body parts and devices should also be cleaned thoroughly, and sterilized if possible, to avoid bacterial infections. Condoms should also be used during anal sex and with toys wherever possible particularly if the toys are to be shared.


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