Anal Rape Fantasy

Anal Rape Fantasy

An anal rape fantasy is a persistent arousing thought about being forcibly anally penetrated.

Usually anal rape fantasies involve a man forcing his penis into the “victim’s” anus. However, anal rape fantasies can also involve a woman forcing a strap-on dildo into a person’s anus or digital penetration of the anus by a person of any gender.

More About Anal Rape Fantasy

As rape and anal sex remain societal taboos, people who have anal rape fantasies may feel ashamed of them. It is important to remember that these fantasies reveal nothing about a person’s true sexual desires or mental state. Instead, they allow people to safely explore the outer limits of their imaginations.

It’s important to note that anal rape fantasies often do not look like real anal rape scenarios. The perpetrator is likely to be attractive, and often the “victim” feels aroused by the act. For this reason, some people suggest these fantasies should not be referred to as “rape fantasies” at all.

For many people, anal rape fantasies stay in their heads, a private pleasure to be enjoyed. Other people indulge their anal rape fantasies by viewing violent pornography or websites that show images simulating anal rape. People may also share their anal rape fantasies with their partner and even role play them in a safe, supportive environment. When role playing anal rape fantasies, it’s important to implement a safe word to ensure the “rape” can stop any time the “victim” feels uncomfortable. The victim should also have engaged in anal play before to ensure they know what to expect and to minimize the risk of tearing.

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