Anal Douche

Anal Douche

An anal douche refers to the process of flushing the rectum with fluids to clean it. The fluid from an anal douche is usually pushed into the rectum with a rubber bulb fitted with a nozzle attachment. However, more intricate systems are available including those that attach directly to shower plumbing. Water is the most common fluid used during anal douching. However, other liquids such as vinegar can also be used. It is commonly used in preparation for anal sex.

An anal douche may also be known as a rectal douche.

More About Anal Douche

A person most often performs an anal douche in order to empty the bowels or clean out the rectum usually in preparation for anal sex or analingus. An anal douche can also be quite pleasurable to some people. It may be used as a type of anal play.

Although it is becoming a popular practice, medical experts agree that anal douching is not necessary and may even be somewhat dangerous. Pressure from the douche can cause damage to the delicate internal tissues. The cleansing action itself can also wash away the mucus membrane inside the rectum resulting in irritation or infection.


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