Alpha Sub

Alpha Sub

Alpha sub is a colloquial term for the most powerful submissive individual in a polyamorous relationship. The term is only used in a polyamorous relationship where more than one submissive individual is involved or when the multiple submissive individuals in a polyamorous relationship are ranked according to a formal or informal hierarchy.

An alpha sub may also be known as an alpha slave.

More About Alpha Sub

An alpha sub has more power than other submissive individuals involved in a polyamorous relationship. An alpha sub may have ultimate veto power over the other submissives’ requests or the power to make greater demands on the dominant individual’s time or affection. The alpha sub may also dominate the other submissive individuals within the polyamorous relationship although this dominance may only be displayed in agreement with the dominant individual who ultimately remains in control of the relationship’s dynamic. The alpha sub will also take control over the other submissive or submissive individuals if the dominant individual is not present at any given time.

It’s important to note that not every polyamorous relationship with multiple submissive individuals will have a designated alpha sub. In relationships without an alpha sub, all submissive individuals are seen as having equal power within the relationship’s structure.


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